UI Undergraduate Fellowships

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Scholar Development Consult (SDC)

Perfect for students who want to consider their own priorities, values, and dreams in relation to how they are spending their time, energy, and resources. Appropriate for students at any stage of their education.

(30 minutes)

National Opportunity Exploration

Interested in a national fellowship, but have questions about eligibility, timing, or fit? This is the appointment for you.

(1 hour)

Applying for campus nomination

This is a short appointment for campus applicants who want to walk through the steps of applying for institutional nomination.

(30 minutes)

Choosing/Supporting Recommenders

Come with a comprehensive list of potential writers and we’ll talk through your best recommendation strategy.

(1 hour)

Draft Review

Schedule an hour appointment and share your draft with me 24 hours prior to our meeting. If you cannot give me that much advance, no worries. I will simply use part of our meeting time to review the draft before we discuss it.

(1 hour)